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Today I Prioritize ME

Posted on June 6, 2017 at 1:15 AM

Today I take the first step in putting myself first, in the most intimate way I can think of, through my intake of fuel. No other way is more personal in my mind. From the food we eat, or don't eat, every organ and system is fueled to either function efficiently or fail. Or for most of us, it falls somewhere in between those two extremes on the spectrum. We as a culture here in the United States have lost sight of viewing food as fuel. Instead of viewing food as the way we fuel our bodies to run optimally; to funciton without headaches, joint pain, digestive issues, heart disease, skin problems, etc., we look at it as a way to entertain or play or excite. We indugle our cravings and have made an industry out of making food that is addictive from chemicals created in a lab. Now I'm not saying that having a gourmet meal or a decadent dessert once in a while, is a bad thing. I'm saying that when we make the pre-packaged, processed, sugar, dairy, gluten and/or chemical laden food our norm, that we should really take a step back and ask ourselves how we can expect our bodies to be performing on all cyilinders  when this is what's fueling it. It's all about balance. It's about remembering food was, and still is, the original medicine. We have engineered many supremely helpful medicines and techniques, but they are derived from the original knowledge of how what we put in our bodies positively or negatively effects us. So why not recommit to fueling our bodies properly to see what changes we can make internally, systematically first.

So with that in mind, I embark on the first cleanse since having discoved my intolerance to tradtional dairy and gluten 7 years ago. At the time, I had no idea that doing a detox/cleanse would lead me to change my eating habits forever. I had all intentions of going right back to eating as I always had, but to my surprise I found a reason for why I hadn't been feeling as good as I could have been. I realized through eliminating different foods and giving my body a chance to reset, that it couldn't process gluten or cow's milk without an intensely uncomfortable response. At the time I decided to do the cleanse, I was feeling off physically and emotionally, and was deeply feeling the need for a change. For the last couple of years, I have found myself feeling similarly. Needing a change on deeper level. On a organ level; a nervous system level; a cellular level. But I have always found an excuse to shy away from it, or to prioritze someone or something else.

But today I prioritize me. I make myself just as important as anything else in my life. I'm investing in my health. I'm investigating my sense of wellbeing. My health. I'm looking forward to the process, not the sugar cravings, the headaches, skin breakouts, or any other traditional detox symptoms, but the process of witnessing my body change. Of my body gravitating towards optimal functionality. Of being able to be that much more intune with my body and its needs. I know it won't be the most comfortable 30 days of my life, but no change is ever comfortable. Just like rehabing from an injury or coming back from an illness isn't my favorite or most fun time in my life, I always appreciate the process. The process of learning that much more about myself, or others I have the privledge of getting to connect with as clients or friends. Of being able to relate to what others are going through. To be able to have more compassion. More empathy. To be able to appreciate the human body and all of the amazing things it can accomplish.

So as I sip my detox tea tonight, I think of the things I listed I am grateful for this morning. And I am excited to take on day 2 of 30. I am excited to take back the most personal part of my life.

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