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Gratitude & Openness

Posted on July 20, 2014 at 5:25 PM

Gratitude and openness. An ethos of gratitude, for all that has come before, allows for an openness, an eagerness to say yes to all that lies ahead. Give yourself permission to be thankful for both the positive and the negative moments in your life, because without them you wouldn’t be who you are today. Who you are right now, in this instant. You wouldn’t be you. You wouldn’t be here. Present. In this moment.

There is nothing without this moment. No past. No present. No future. It’s by giving thanks we allow ourselves to let go of the past. To give ourselves permission to be happy with exactly where we are today. Because if you close your eyes; take a deep breath allowing all of your tensions and stressors- internal and external- to simply wash away, and just truly BE- here, in this moment right now- you’ll see there is nothing inherently bad about this moment. Allowing ourselves to BE, blissfully encompassed in the present, gives us the ability to say Yes. Yes to whatever comes next. Because no matter what the future holds, we know that it is impossibly intrinsically negative.

Find yourself in every moment. Live your life in every moment.


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