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The End of an Era.

Posted on July 18, 2017 at 10:55 AM

The cleanse ended a couple of weeks ago now, and I can honestly say it also marked the end of an era. No, not the end of eating gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, etc., but that of sugar's domination of my life. The main reason I wanted to do a cleanse was to help rid my brain of its cocaine-esque addiction to the sweet substance, and to give my body a chance to kill off the rising amounts of candida I can only assume were having a field day on my system. The first two weeks were hard, with the physical, mental, and emotional desire to want to have sweets, but once I crossed that threshold, let go of my attachment, and saw the balance in my life, I was home free.

Now that I have had a couple of weeks to start to go back to some normal eating habits, I can vividly see the effects sugar was having on my body. I immediately noticed how it affects my digestion, making it harder for my body to process food. My headaches started playing up more than they had all the past month, knowing that sugar can be a trigger for migraines. Just those two things alone have been a huge wake up call. I already have a tummy who acts like a princess, and my tendencies towards headaches rule my life as it is. I don't have the driving desire to have something comprised of straight sugar at all times, and find myself actually opting for a pear and goat cheese, or watermelon, or a peach, instead of a cookie, coconut ice cream, or dark chocolate covered almonds. So not only have I gotten rid of the cravings, but I've truly broken free from the grips of dextrose.

And with that I've noticed some other side effects- more mental clarity, more energy, less body fatigue, better digestion, less headaches, more of a feeling of being in control of my life! While some have commented on me looking leaner, I'm not convinced and it was never my goal. I just think that my body can finally function the way it's meant too, and so it's simply thanking me for it.

So, will I completely give up sugar for good? No way. Will I have a healthier relationship with it? 100%. Will I cut back the amount of sugar I had eaten previously? Oh yeah!

Life is about balance. Even during my month of cleansing i visited that, having a glass of wine with my sister who is going through one of the hardest things I can possibly imagine. Having that glass of wine didn't mean I had failed. It wasn't going to ruin everything I had done. In fact, I think it bolstered it. That choice showed me that I can have a little something here or there and it's not going to throw me totally off. It doesn't mean I have to start over. It was a perfect example of balance we should be creating in our lives. We need to have some structure, but not deprive ourselves. For me, now that the cravings are gone, I feel like I am free to make my own choices. Having a cookie here or there, but not feeling compelled to eat the whole bag. Being able to have the mental clarity to know that if I do have a cookie or a treat, I may pay for it later in terms of tummy taming or migraine managing depending on how many I have. It's all about choice. Life is a choice. No matter where you are. Who you are. Or what you're going through. There is always a choice. You always have a choice to make in how you live YOUR life.

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