Certified PMA 500+ hour Pilates Instructor
Certified 200 hour RYT-E Yoga Instructor

Sarah Callaham

LOVE life. LIVE life. 


LIVEaloha Girls Program (ages 9-12)
4 Week Session:
A four week program of one meeting per week for 1.5 hours that will use the word of the week and yoga as a means of calming the body and mind so that each student is able to reflect upon her own internal and external strengths. Following each 45 min yoga session, we will dive deeper into the week's theme through discussion and group activities, including creating vision boards, positive self-affirmations, and goal setting. The last week of each session will be held on the water or at the beach depending on the weather and conditions.

LIVEaloha Girls One Day Program:
A day for girls aged 9-12 to find a little more of a connection to their own aloha.
Aloha has been translated from Hawaiian to English to mean hello, goodbye, love, but it has an even
deeper meaning when you look at the grammatical makeup of the word. According to Curby Rule’s
translation, aloha can be translated as having a profound connection to all other beings, “joyfully
sharing life” or even “to consciously manifest life joyously in the present.”

For one day, we will engage in fun, holistic activities that speak to the mind, body, and spirit to
empower, ignite, and connect us to our true sense of self including yoga, standup paddle, journaling,
vision boards, and healthy eating.

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